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Development is now at DeclanChidlow/AutoMod!


The best moderation bot for Revolt!
Or so they say...

AutoMod aims to protect your community from spam and malicious actors. It offers powerful moderation tools, an infraction system, a web interface and in the future will be able to automatically prevent raids and ban malicious actors.


  • Basic moderation features: Kick/Ban/Tempban/Warn
  • Infraction system which logs all moderation events
  • Rudamentary configurable antispam rules (If user sends more than X messages per Y seconds, delete/warn/send message)
  • Web interface for easy configuration
  • Fully configurable bot prefix
  • Permission system for moderation commands
  • Votekick system to allow trusted users to remove users while no moderator is available*
  • Act on messages based on regex matches (delete/warn/send message)*
  • Log moderation events, message edits and deletions to a Revolt channel or Discord Webhook*
  • Scan user profiles and alert moderators of suspicious users (Wordlist is private and provided by the bot admin)*
  • And more is planned!

* Technically a feature, but not yet configurable without database access. If you would like to set any of these up right now, feel free to get in contact with me.


If you want to support this project, check out this page. If you don't want to help financially, feel free to join my server and provide mental support in the form of catgirls instead!