Weblate translations for AutoMod https://weblate.insrt.uk/projects/automod
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Justman10000 1d670315df Translated using Weblate (German)
Currently translated at 97.0% (165 of 170 strings)

Translation: AutoMod/Bot
Translate-URL: https://translate.revolt.chat/projects/automod/bot/de/
2023-08-28 18:45:47 +00:00
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AutoMod Translations

Translation status

DO NOT create pull requests directly to this repository, unless you're adding new strings - See below!

Translations are handled via Weblate - Contribute here.

Reporting translation issues

If you've found a translation issue, check if you can resolve it through Weblate first. If you can't, create an issue on this repository.

You can sign in on this Forgejo instance using your GitHub account - No need to manage separate account credentials.

Add or maintain a language

If you want to add a new language or maintain an existing one, please create a pull request. Maintainers have access to approve translations, similar to how Revolt handles it.

Adding strings

If you've contributed to AutoMod and need to add new translation strings, please create a pull request here and link to it in your pull request on the AutoMod repository. Make sure to add strings to en as it's the default language. You may also translate the new strings at the same time, but it's preferred to translate using Weblate at a later point. Commit the change to the external/translations submodule to your pull request!

When contributing gendered strings, create a neutral key (for example test.hello), and add 2 keys with the suffix _f and _m respectively (for example test.hello_f and test.hello_m).